Folk Art in the town of Fethard

Fethard, in South Tipperary is best known for its impressive medieval town walls and parish church and abbey.

Tucked away off Main Street on a small laneway called Chapel Lane, is an interesting piece of folk art built into the wall of a small cottage.


Small cottage on Chapel Lane with plaque incorporated into fabric.

The art consists  of two plaques, one placed on top of the other. The upper plaque contains the name ” P. RUSSEL” set within a frame. It is carved into a limestone.

This smaller plaque sits on top of a square limestone block with the words “Built Oct 7, 1832”. On the left is the  head and shoulders of a bishop wearing mitre and holding a hooked crozier. On the right of the inscription is  the figure of a man set in a frame.

In the coming months we will be researching and investigating the ownership of the house and attempting to tease out the meaning of the carvings.We will also be telling you about the results of the photogrammetry survey carried out in 2016 thanks to funding from Rosin O’Grady Tipperary Heritage Officer.




About irishfolkartproject

Irish Folk Art Project was set up to identify and recorded examples of Irish 18th and 19th century folk art. Phase one of the project will identifying examples of non funerary stone sculpture in Tipperary & Waterford. It is hoped as the project matures to extend it into other counties.
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