Carved Heads & Cats with Two Tails: An introduction to Folk Art in South Tipperary

County Tipperary has a surprisingly varied collection of stone cravings created by amateur and professional stone masons. This page provides  an overview of the  types of carvings that have recorded to date in the county.

A number of carved stone heads  have been identified. They are  incorporated into the walls of vernacular houses and farm buildings.

Several  carvings of cats and cats with two tails have also been identified. Outside of the county only one other example is known at present, a cats with two tails built into the wall of  a building at Roches Street in Limerick City.

An unusual plaque depicting with the date  1832 and a depiction of a bishop with a crozier was  recorded at Chapel Street Fethard.


Plaque  in the wall of house Chapel Street  Fethard

In the nearby town of Thurles the figure of a cleric holding a cross and rosary beads built into a pillar at St Brigid’s cemetery.


19th century  carving of cleric at St Brigid’s Cemetery  Thurles

It is planed to provide  detailed descriptions and discussion of each of the carving  in the coming weeks.